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nvidia performance problems (again)

It’s that never ending story once again. Upgrade the video card, suffer extreme performance loss in the desktop:

  1. swap nvidia 7900 card for 8600 (a meager upgrade, but still)
  2. notice the desktop has dramatically slowed down (expected)
  3. recompile the newest nvidia kernel drivers
  4. reboot, and to no avail, no performance increase
  5. repeat steps 3 and 4, each time tweaking something else. xorg.conf, ubuntu restricted drivers etc

DRI is enabled:
seb@hammerhead:~$ glxinfo | grep "direct"
direct rendering: Yes

Amarok cover fetching

Hi all,
Just a quick message that I’m sure many of you have discovered already. Cover art retrieval from Amazon is now broken due to a change in API that Amazon has introduced in it’s web service.

We will release Amarok version 1.4.9 very soon which will re-enable cover art downloads.

Thanks for your patience.

Wordpress Comment Spam, Anyone?

For those of you wondering where I’ve been, it’s Malaysia and Indonesia for the past two months (stories and photos). Not that anyone wants to hear about that, though!

Has anybody noticed a remarkable spike in wordpress comment spam in the last week? I’ve had to defer all comments for moderation due to the massive amounts of crap that’s coming through. More importantly, does anybody have any suggestion of a way to get around it?


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