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HDR Imaging - Qtpfsgui - Surf

I’ve had the pleasure of owning a Nikon d80 for the last two months and have only recently started playing around with the advanced image post-processing techniques like HDR which have interested me for so long. Unsurprisingly, HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging is appealing to so many people because it can make images look larger than life and surreal with the colours and contrast which are shown.

A Lesson in Common Sense

Today I finished up at class and I went to the computer labs to do some printing. Every now and then, left-behinds are found on, in and around the workstations. Rarely are they as interesting as the one I found today. A 1G USB flash disk the size of half of my thumb was snuggly wedged into the usb port. I always have a peek around these things to be good and try and find the owner’s email address or some contact method.

Hardy Kay

Today I started my packaging work for Kubuntu Hardy Heron (god, I <3 the names :-P).

Anyway, since I have about 300 packages which didn't make it into Gutsy I'll first have to update them and get them into Hardy ASAP. So maybe I can get some new packages on my TODO. But really, revuing is taking far too long, if I'd start packaging new software from kde-apps straight ahead, I probably have about 600 packages for Hardy+1. Also I somehow doubt the maintainability of that many packages ;-)


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