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I have a few hobbies, one of which is creating open source software - this means that you, or anyone else can have it, and use it, for free.

Squash 0.3

I’ve made a few improvements to Squash (formerly known as squeeze). Hopefully it has become a more reliable batch image resizer now.

The major updates for this upgrade include better threaded support, bug fixes, an Ubuntu gutsy package and a Windows binary. The Windows package has been compiled with a static build Qt 4.3, and should just run on any windows platform.

Enjoy, and please report bugs to the bug tracker.

The Amarok's New Screenshots

So finally I came round to create a proper screenshot set of Amarok 1.4. Well, the truth is I never intended to create it my own (read: I actually wanted to save my precious splendour for 2.0), but since none managed to create them in (guess) half a year... I kind of did it myself.


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