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Amarok SoC: Media Devices + Awesome iPod support

Introducing Alejandro Wainzinger (xevix on IRC), who is going to be working on media device support in Amarok for SoC 2008:

My name is Alejandro Wainzinger, and I'm going for a Computer Science B.S. at the University of California Santa Cruz, USA. This summer, I'll be bringing back media device support to Amarok for Apple iPods, MTP and generic devices, and making them fly. I chose this project because I own an iPod, and got frustrated with the speed of loading an iPod with a large database, sync'ing of songs/playlists and album art, unlogged crashes after trying to put a 10,000 song queue onto the iPod, and slightly unreliable iPod model detection. That said, I loved having iPod capability in Amarok, and I couldn't see Amarok 2 without media device support.

Alejandro is going to work on getting normal functionality for all three types of devices, and then really taking the iPod plugin to town.

Rumor has it he's then going to attempt making collections out of the devices...
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