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Installing Amarok SVN in your home directory

We sometimes get asked by users how one can achieve to install Amarok in a different prefix. This can be handy if you'd like to check out a SVN version, but you don't want this to interfere with your packaging system. On our wiki there is already a guide for obtaining Amarok from SVN, so I won't detail this here (I am referring to the stable 1.4 branch here; Amarok 2.0 requires a lot more work to build). Once you have the sources, give the configure script your desired installation path ("prefix"):

Amarok2 builds on Windows


today's a big day in Amarok's history: For the first time Amarok2 (the current development version) compiled natively on Windows. Everyone likes screenshots, so here goes:

Amarok2 with Oxygen icons

Today I've made Amarok2 use the new Oxygen icons from SVN trunk. Have a look:

I'm rather fond of Oxygen; I think it's an improvement over Crystal, and definitely feels refreshing. Unfortunately even Oxygen can't solve some of our fundamental problems with icons:


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