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About the karaoke and the linuxtag

First part of exams done! *yay*

But meanwhile Stephan invited kwwii for a bit of karaoke @ LinuxTag in Berlin. Kwwii of course agreed, which made Stephan wondering what will happen with records that go straight into my hands.

just for the record…

Frederik sums up OpenExpo and mentions “Nini is as good a table soccer player as I am.” Hell yea I am! We rocked (NOT)! :P But it was great fun. YAY for whomever brought the table soccer to OpenExpo. I think we need to make karaoke and table soccer regular KDE activities. And we sure will do our best at Linuxtag ;-)  Karaoke is planned for Friday. Maybe videos will turn up somewhere at some point *g*

Review: AutopanoPro

What: Autopano (registered version @ 99 euro)

Verdict: totally awesome.

- Very fast, reliable stitching of images together
- Excellent colour and exposure correction, even if you don’t lock your exposures
- Supports HDR imaging! Create panoramas out of raw format files and then use tone mapping software like Qtpfsgui
- Excellent barrel distortion compensation on wide angled shots
- Qt4! (and cross platform)


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