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Review: AutopanoPro

What: Autopano (registered version @ 99 euro)

Verdict: totally awesome.

- Very fast, reliable stitching of images together
- Excellent colour and exposure correction, even if you don’t lock your exposures
- Supports HDR imaging! Create panoramas out of raw format files and then use tone mapping software like Qtpfsgui
- Excellent barrel distortion compensation on wide angled shots
- Qt4! (and cross platform)

- It’s not free software :(
- Expensive
- User interface could use some work

Panorama created out of 8 individual raw images, then tone-mapped with Qtpfsgui. I can’t get a larger version because Qtpfsgui runs out of memory - the resultant panoramic raw image is over 130MB!

Maroubra Beach HDR Panorama