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Popup Dropper -- now with 400% more droppinness!

First off -- the PUD now lives in the KDE Subversion repository! It's at svn:// -- it builds with CMake and acts as a standalone library. Included in there is a testapp that you can build with qmake that I use for my testing and that you can use to check it out, which I encourage. Amarok now uses the PUD pulled in as a svn:external, which means Amarok is now very easily synced with updates I make to the PUD.

A Letter

Dear Poisonous People

Please fuck off.


Amarok Scripting SoC Project - Week 3

My SoC student Peter Zhou has interesting news about his progress with Amarok 2's all-new scripting system. I'm pasting his blog here, as he is not yet aggregated on Planet KDE.

Before that, let me fill you in with the details about our plans for scripting in Amarok 2:

  • Amarok scripts are based on QtScript (= JavaScript)

  • Scripts are running in-process, as opposed to Amarok 1's way of running them in a separate process

  • The new script manager will be able to do version management, and possibly automatic upgrades


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