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Texas Bound

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to Kirksville Regional Airport and then eventually to Texas for the three-day Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. I've never been to a non-KDE tech conference before; I'm really looking forward to it. There should be lot's of business types, I'm packing a lot of polo shirts instead of the usual Amarok t-shirts I'd wear at aKademy. Note to self: buy KDE-themed polo shirts.

Our hotel supposedly has Internet. So stay tuned, blogs are to follow.

Tomorrow is also the cut-off date for Google Summer of Code applications. For real this time. If you haven't sent in your Amarok application... realistically it's too late since we already have which ones we want in mind. Of course there's always a chance you're application could be better. :-) I just realized the revised GSoC timeline worked out for me, since before I would've been in Texas during the last week of ranking.