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Intervu with the guy inside my head

Yesterday, without any warning, Emanuel Goscinski asked me whether I'd like to do an interview with Of course I said yes (after all I am very selfish and like to search myself on Google ;-)).

Anyway, all this resulted in an (IMHO) quite good interview, a tiny little bit too much tech stuff, but otherwise worth reading...

Emanuel however removed one super important question (according to Nightrose it describes me pretty well):
Welche drei Menschen und welche drei Dinge würdest du auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen (ohne Internetanschluss)?

Ohne Internetanschluss? Vergiss es, ich fahr nicht auf die!
Which 3 people and which 3 things would you take with you on an lonesome island (with no internet connection)

No internet connection? Forget it, I'm so not going!

In case you really (?) want to have a look at the complete interview, head over to
  • click ---> here <--- for the english translation
  • click ---> here <--- for the german interview