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Dragon Player available in Kubuntu Backports

Awesome release everyone!

Having KDE4 officially released is making my life easier. Thanks to everyone's favorite MOTU Harald Sitter, Dragon Player is now in gutsy-backports. I've just pointed this out on the Dragon Player website. And Long-time Rokymotioner Enr1x has created an AUR for Dragon Player. So all this makes Dragon Player easy to install, I can't wait for Amarok 2 to reach this point! Dragon Player 2.0 final will then be released in a couple of weeks probably
I do plan on working a bit more on subtitle/audio channel issues to make sure it works cleanly. I do feel that I'm spending probably a lot of time on this feature, but I suppose it isn't a surprise given that its one of the few features where I can't just hook up to a Phonon signal and rely on Kretz's code to do all the work for me. :-) And once KDE 4.1 is out, I'll be able to tear most of even this code out.

So as my Dragon Player 2.0.0 TODO list has mostly been reduced to testing a couple of things, its time to get back into Amarok 2 code. Hydrogen will be proud of me. I've identified podcasts as really the remaining "why I still have Amarok 1.4 open" issue. Bart has worked a lot with it already, I'll have to see what he has done so far.