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Bang, bam, boom

I've been knocking down my to-do list like there's no tomorrow. I posted recently about the VFAT device rewrite; it is now complete and early testing results seem to be positive (it's been renamed to "Generic Audio Player" by the way). In addition, ATF backend support should now be fairly complete. I've been debugging it for a while and everything seems to work well now. It catches file copies, moves, and renames, and lets you assign new IDs to files through a DCOP call. It doesn't slow down scanning much either (I've been scanning 2082 files in about 30 seconds or so). I have yet to test it on Oggs, but I would imagine that it'd be fairly simple to get that working too.

The next hurdle is actually making amaroK components use ATF. I don't think that will happen in time for 1.4 final, but in the point releases thereafter hopefully you'll start to see some components take advantage of the features that ATF provides, to help it really live up to its name.