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Rip your CDs with KIO and amaroK

    Yesterday I commited some code to the Collection Browser that allows it to accept URLs with the audiocd:/ protocol.  If your machine supports this (the audiocd:/ kioslave is probably in the kdemultimedia package), you can rip by doing the following;

  1. Open KControl.  Go to Sound and Multimedia->Audio CDs.  Configure your ripping preferences.
  2. Open Konqueror. Go to audiocd:/
  3. Go into whatever folder you want your tracks encoded as, i.e. Ogg Vorbis will contain Vorbis "files" that you can select.
  4. Drag these tracks to amaroK's Collection Browser.
amaroK will perform a KIO copy, which will result in a seamless rip of the track and import of the track into your collection.  Easy as pie, and using KDE's built-in capabilities to boot!