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New server to replace

Good news, everyone!

Thanks to the generous donations from our last fundraiser, the Amarok project will soon move to a much better web server. As some of you have probably noticed, our current hosting (AMD Duron, 512MB RAM) is hopelessly underpowered for the growing traffic on We've had a lot of downtime over the last months, especially when the site was hammered by,, etc.

The new server will be a dedicated AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+, 2 gigs of RAM, 2 x 300 GB SATA HDD, from This should provide us with enough power to survive the slashdot/digg-effect. Paleo (Olivier Bédard) will continue to be the main administrator, and, in other good news, we will continue to host a number of other KDE projects (Konversation, Akregator..) for free :-)

We will try to make the migration over the next few weeks as smooth as possible, by running the old server in parallel until everything is ready to go.