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HDR Imaging - Qtpfsgui - Surf

I’ve had the pleasure of owning a Nikon d80 for the last two months and have only recently started playing around with the advanced image post-processing techniques like HDR which have interested me for so long. Unsurprisingly, HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging is appealing to so many people because it can make images look larger than life and surreal with the colours and contrast which are shown.

Now that daylight savings has kicked in I can get home from work during daylight hours. A recently southerly picked up the surf swell and I got some excellent photos of a well known big wave surfer and Bra Boy, Richie Vaculik surfing a normally rather insignificant break at Lurline Bay.

Qtpfsgui is one of the finer HDR/tone-mapping pieces of software available for Linux, despite the abhorrent name choice. With a bit of tweaking I managed to get a few nice images out of my raw images. I’m looking forward to improved HDR support for KDE in Krita.

Washed out
Lurline Bay HDR