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Squeeze Squash!

Squeeze has been renamed Squash due to a naming conflict.

Announcing Squash! Squash is a simple application with a simple purpose - a batch image resizer. A batch image resizer is normally pretty boring, but squeeze has a special purpose. It is crafted and baked specifically for travellers. Fear no more! Don’t clog peoples inboxes with travel snaps, and don’t waste money waiting for long uploads on slow internet connections with worse plumbing than an Asian squat toilet. This application is essentially the result of the scratching of a very large itch - finding a decent, fast image resizer which doesn’t need to be installed and can be run from a usb flash drive. Heck, you could store it on your memory card in your camera.

Ultimately Squash will be a fully cross platform application, with binaries from windows and mac. The only dependency is Qt 4.3. If anybody is interested in creating statically linked binaries for Windows or Mac, I’d be very grateful - please get a hold of me!

Squeeze 0.2

Source tarball: squash-0.3.tar.bz2