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FrOSCon megalomania (part1)

As after every FLOSS event I attend, I ran into a gigantic megalomania. This time: Kubuntu Packaging Task Force.

I want to package ... completely, at least for the parts which compile with a current distribution at all. In fact, I also want backports for new versions in less than 3 days after release, to latest stable Kubuntu.
To reach such an enormous aim it takes a lot of people, like _a gigantic a load_ of them.

Which leads to the next idea: Free Development Promo Tour. Which of course is mainly about recruiting more developers, packagers, bug triagers, translators, promoters, bug testers...

You might think all this sounds totally insane and megalomaniacal. I probably would agree, though I just came back from a FLOSS event so let me live in my free world bubble ;-)
But, just in case anything like that should be announced one day... don't blame me for not giving you latest information about the world domination plan (tm). report is to be written (waiting for pics)...