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Amarok Release Party Trial #1 (Update)

So, Amarok 1.4.6 is considerable near to it's final release. Reason enough to plan a release party (need some XP for 2.0 anyway).

Problem is: I'm living in Austria and I know exactly 3 (?!) other FLOSS supporters round here, which is why I don't expect a lot of people to come ^_^

Anyway, partE day is Thursday, sometime in the evening (not yet defined), somewhere nere Lambach, Upper Austria (not yet defined either). So should the unlikely case apply that anyone wanna come (and actually is able to ;-) send me a mail to sitter DOOOT harald AAATTT gmail DOOOT com (not that the address wouldn't be available via google search ;-)

Be prepared for my revu... so long fellows

Cafè Stadlmayr, Marktplatz, Lambach, Upper Austria, Austria.
20:00 CEST

BTW, the release party became a release party weekend sort of thing, so if anyone wanna get drunken this weekend, get back to me ;-)