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VoIP - Screw it!

Now, the Amarok Wolf Brigade(tm) actually just wanted to do some VoIPing. It ended up in a big fucking mess, which lead to the awful cognition that Skype is the only usable VoIP software on Linux.
  • Wengo: crashing a lot, not logging in properly, not working properly -> I did 52 tries to package it!!!
  • Ekiga: pretty sound, shitty GUI, robot voices in conference rooms
  • Gizmo: crappy sound, crappy GUI, crappy dmix support, funky conference mode
  • Jabbin: broken website
  • KCall: crappy GUI, didn't work with wengo SIP

Skype on the other hand got conference call, good quality and a nice GUI. this is probably the reason for stories like this:
[markey] this morning I woke up
[markey] slightly disoriented
[markey] then I realized I'm lying flat on the floor
[eean] o.O
[markey] computer keyboard and mouse are on the ground too
[markey] some keys fallen off
[eean] wtf
[markey] must have fallen asleep
[markey] and then slipped from the chair
[eean] dude
[markey] didn't hurt though
[eean] you need to sleep more ;)

So let me tell you: VoIP on Linux sux, except for Skype, which is closed source though.... but hey, we just wanna talk, not save the world from evil Ebay :S

We also tried twinkle, but unfortunately one does need a SIP account and we were quite disappointed, so we didn't got any further ..... though from screenshots we noticed -> the gui is shit ... and the FAQ is telling strange things about 3-call-conference with horrible how to do that.