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[music] Systylé

Amarok 2.0 will get support for, reason enough for me to do some discovery. First thing: proper lyrics fetching -> result -> isn't possible, API does some horrible issues in that manner (gotta talk to someone).

Well, afterwards I started download some music (no server download sux IMO :(.... anyway, as usually music isn't that bad (actually sites like Jamendo or Magnatune satisfy me lot more than mainstream offers). My first trial of course was tag:ska :D .... well, I found wonderful stuff in there.

For example Systylé. I can just recommend everyone to listen to at least one track, it's really good Ska, which might not only be loved by Ska fans ;-)

In Kubuntu news: busy busy day again. Packaged: domino and krawlsite and something else? can't remember :P