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Roktober 2010 summary

It has been almost three months now since Roktober, our annual fundraiser, was announced and we wish to thank everybody who contributed: You’re awesome, really. We need donations, because running servers and sending people to conferences is not cheap.

We have added a list of people who contributed to the special Donors-section in Amarok's about dialog as we promised on the announcement. To view this section, you need at least Amarok 2.4 Beta1. If you have donated, but your name is not on the list and you want yourself there, remember to send an e-mail to with your nickname (if you have one).

During Roktober (October-November), we collected total of 1768 Euros(2315 USD). Although we didn’t quite reach the goal, the collected amount is made possible by everybody who contributed, even with smaller amounts. Thank you! You help keep Amarok running.

If you missed Roktober or if you want to donate more, it’s still possible via Paypal or Google Checkout, you can find links from top of the sidebar on this site. Thanks for your contribution, we appreciate it!