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Project Neon - Ask Harald (FAQ)

Note to me, myself and I: FAQs should be listed somewhere to save me the daily headache....

Is amarok-nightly for openSUSE published yet?
No, I'll try to get a repository outside of my personal home one and build for openSUSE 11.0, after a couple of tests amarok-nightly for openSUSE can go live.

Why is there no amarok-nightly for openSUSE 11.0 to be tested?
Because I am preparing for exams, so I have no time for build-dependency magic, and because I will only build for openSUSE 11.0 once the above stated reason is sorted out. However, apparently the 10.3 packages work just fine on 11.0 as well (hooray for good packagin ;-)

Why is amarok-nightly for openSUSE not built nightly?
No neon package gets built nightly as long as it is being tested. Nightly builds will start once openSUSE packages are published in an own repository.

Does kde-nightly for Kubuntu include debug symbols?
No, neither does amarok-nightly. The packages are built with debugging enabled, a packaging script however strips them for some reason I forgot. In fact I tried adding -dbg packages earlier on, but that didn't work for some strange reason. The good news however is: I will digg into this soonish. After all a good description on how to reproduce is almost as good as a good backtrace ;-)

Can we get a foobar package for kde-nightly?
Feel free to drop ideas at the mailing list, but keep in mind that the build resources on Launchpad are pretty limited, so kdepim or koffice are probably not going to get in... at least for now. In general the current amount of packages is not going to grow a lot - I might only add kdeplasmoids some time soon, but that's about it.

Do you plan to integrate more applications into kde-nightly?
See above.

How do I compile stuff against kde-nightly?
This is a bit tricky - you can take a look at the neonmake script in amarok-nightly-tools to get an idea. I will include some proper buildscripts later on for use with kde-nightly and amarok-nightly.

Why is there no kde-nightly for openSUSE?
The openSUSE KDE guys do a great job on maintaining their own KDE snapshot packages. So launching a kde-nightly stack would be rather pointless, right? Duplicated effort and all..