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About the karaoke and the linuxtag

First part of exams done! *yay*

But meanwhile Stephan invited kwwii for a bit of karaoke @ LinuxTag in Berlin. Kwwii of course agreed, which made Stephan wondering what will happen with records that go straight into my hands.

Well, first of all, I was practising karaoke yesterday (instead of learning for today's maths exam), so i am almost not the best karaoke singer ever :-P

Anyway, the problem is, I have absolutely no sense of embarrassment so I will not only play eventual records on Radio Amarok, I will make them play 24/7 post them onthe 15 blogs I own and make them part of Project Neon.

That reminds me...
Neon is undergoing major refacturing, mainly in order to provide KDE nightly packages for Kubuntu (thanks to Kevin for pushing me so hard ;-)) . Currently the source fetching component is work again (at least to the low profile testing I did) and the ubuntu component is close to be finished, so maybe apt-get soon tells us about kde-nightly :-)

Just for the record, amarok-nightly will use a different package tree in order to preserve the current tree size.

Also new is the Phonon KCM bundling