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Amarok Resolved

Dear Tristan, I like further developed ideas, mostly, and I also like to develop ideas further.

...I just read such a further developed idea and since I like it a lot, I am goint to develop it further (normal process for me).

Tomorrow Amarok, Linux market leader in the Music Application segment, will announce something revolutionary.
We came to the decision that others know better and therefore we will sync our release schedule to Ubuntu, Linux market leader in the Home User Operating System segment. Our current model of partly time-based and partly feature-based release planing is apparently creating enormous inefficiency in the development of our high-quality software. Mainly because of this we will do 2 releases per year, each 2 days before Ubuntu releases a new version, so that the build servers have enough time to build the packages.
In order to join this with our very fast and feature rich development we will provide at least 25% new or changed code in a time-frame of one year (2 releases), we hope that by setting this minimal growth rate we are able to increase our userbase by 213% per year.
To support these alternations quality assurance will be reduced to a minimum as it can cause scaling issues in combination with this new concept.

This is however only the first step. In a long-term view we aim to breakup the underlying project of Amarok and become a 100% part of the Ubuntu project to share resources and create a strong leader in thew newly created market of Music Home User Appliaction Operating Systems. We also want to prevent our users from wasting half their life with compilation, so we will stop releaseing source tarballs but instead only offer Ubuntu DEB-files.

We will also suggest KDE and all the distributions, we have intensive collaboration with, to start a strong binding to the Ubuntu project as well, and possibly become part of it.

Watch out for the announcement and the moving of our structures from KDE/Amarok ones to Ubuntu/Launchpad.

A nice day wishes your soon-not-to-be-anymore-project-manager.