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Amarok Fanfic

It was just a matter of time, but now I am proud to discover that the first Amarok fanfic has surfaced on the web. Here's an excerpt:

Runeclaw paused in front of the larger-than-life portal and curled back her lip. "Easy there, Amarok," she said softly while reaching down to pat the bristling fur on her wolf's neck. "I don't like the smell of this place either, but Kitahl wanted to meet here. Always one for the dramatic, he is," she continued. The sound of her own voice and the steady deep breathing of her mount helped to calm her nerves.

"Maybe we should go back and lure that dragon we saw down here as a surprise gift." Amarok flatted his ears back and chuffed stubbornly as she tried to turn him back towards The Blasted Lands. "Sissy," she chuckled affectionately.

Original can be found here. Have fun reading :-)