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Dragon and Quassel

Haven't blogged in a bit, so I have a couple unrelated blogs.

Dragon Player 2.0.1

Dragon Player 2.0.1 was released last week. 2.0.0 had a little but very visible bug (pressing the mute button would cause the mute button to disable), but luckly my sense of paranoia of such things kept me from advertising 2.0.0 outside of Dragon Player's website. Credit goes to a few years of Amarok releases going just a bit wrong at the last minute (though this year has been good to us).

Anyways I think Dragon Player 2.0.1 is a solid release. It'll probably be the last release of Dragon Player done independently, as now Dragon Player is a part of KDE Multimedia. We have a bunch of ideas for Dragon Player 2.1 (released with KDE 4.1). Mostly it all comes down to polishing the interface.

About the only difference between 2.0.1 and 2.0-rc1 is the new icon. Which looks utterly fantastic in my opinion. :-) Credit goes to Eugene Trounev of the KDE games project. They have a great community spirit, it's no accident that KDE games was fully ready for KDE 4.


While Europeans go to FOSDEM Brussels, drinking their great beer and partying with Mike, us Americanos are stuck looking at pictures and thinking how fun it could have been. Luckly this year something else came out of FOSDEM for us lonely folks: the public release of Quassel. My initial impressions wasn't good: it stalls when you join a channel or connect to a server. But it turns out that the way you use Quassel that doesn't really matter, since the "quasselcore" stays running and you basically never have to join a channel again. So for an alpha, it is very usable and I would recommend it, even if you're only interested in an IRC client and not something to test out. Yesterday morning I added mouse wheel support to Quassel's channel list; it was good to warm my Qt Model/View muscles some. I pretty much had to add it: I would try to use my mouse wheel every time I changed channels even though it never worked. ;-)

Some people (apparently everyone but me) experience crashing when they do the initial network setup for Quassel Alpha1. Alpha2 should be out shortly.