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Need a post-commit Review Board

I actually got Review Board running on our Amarok server (only for the local host) just to try it out and see what it was. Turns out I should've just read the documentation first. :-) It clearly states its for reviewing before commits are made, which makes it next to worthless for Amarok development.

Amarok's code review has generally always occurred after a commit. Which is what a SCM is for, if the commit isn't any good you can easily revert. The only exception is for new contributors who submit patches, who probably wouldn't want to register an account on a web app anyways. Currently we use just plain SVN and to keep track of what each other is doing. The problem with the commit emails is that the diffs are ugly, cut off when too big (eg when a code review is most needed) and don't show new files. Muesli actually made a handy Qt4 web app that showed commits as they were coming in, but it code rotted.

So a Review Board-like software that both accepts patches and lets you look at and comment on SVN commits as they happen would be awesome. So if anyone out there wants to play with one of these new web frameworks (Django, ruby on rails, CakePHP, there's a new one every minute it seems) and make something useful, this would be it. :-)