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Hire me to work on Amarok!

Hi, my name is Mark Kretschmann. I am the founder of the Amarok project. Amarok is the leading music player for the Linux desktop and one of the most popular KDE applications. We often hear it being called a "killer application" for Linux.

Since spring 2007 we have started to work on Amarok 2, a very ambitious project in many ways. Instead of going the easy way and doing a quick and dirty port to Qt4/KDE4, we have decided to renovate the program from the ground up, rewriting about half of the source code and exploring new and exciting ways in user interface design. We want to innovate; we want to make sure that Amarok is ready for the future and will stay at the top of its game. At the same time we are porting the application to Windows and MacOS X, opening the program to a whole new audience and potentially many more users.

Up to now I have been working in my spare time on Amarok, often struggling to keep real life work and Amarok development in balance. All of us Amarok developers invest an immense amount of time in the project, and we love doing it. But we have to make both ends meet. The Amarok project does not have sufficient financial resources to allow for paying developers. It's becoming increasingly clear that we need to have people working full time on the project to meet our goals with Amarok 2. The work cannot be done purely in our spare time.

If you as a company have an in interest in Amarok's continued success, please consider hiring me to work on the project full time. As the founder and lead developer of Amarok my contribution is crucial for its future, and I would love to continue working on this great project.

If you are interested, please contact me via email at kretschmann(at)