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New KDE-Games is impressive

After reading this article on the dot I decided to give the new KDE-Games for KDE4 a spin. I have to say they've done fantastic work. The SVG graphics look just as good as on the screenshots, and scale beautifully to any resolution. Of course the best graphics technology is useless without actual artwork, so the kudos must also go to the artists. It's all very pretty. Likewise I was impressed by the relative maturity; many of the games seem already perfectly playable and in good shape.

The only small downside of the SVG rendering seems to be that it's quite CPU intensive. Resizing e.g. KAtomic to full screen takes a few seconds on my box (5000+ X2), and I can imagine that the application might appear to freeze on slower machines. However, in-game the performance is just fine, so I don't think that's a big issue.

I'd say gaming on KDE4 is going to be shiny. Check it out if you haven't already :-)