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KDE Misfeature

Please look at the above screenshot. Yes, I know, it hurts. No, I did not draw this with The Gimp. This is an actual Amarok screenshot, running under KDE 3.5.5. How the hell did those ugly squares appear all over the screen, is it a virus? No, it's a KDE feature!

How to reproduce: Fire up a KDE application (Konqueror, Amarok, or KMail will do) and press the ctrl key. It's not even a new feature; it has been there since KDE 3.3 or somesuch. And this feature even has a name, which I can't be bothered to look up.

Questions naturally coming to my mind:

  • How the hell could this "feature" pass the KDE usability team?

  • Is the person who invented it ashamed of it?

In Amarok development, whenever someone comes up with an idea like that, we'd go like: "Dude, are you out of your mind?"

Food for thought? :-)