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The Amarok's New Screenshots

So finally I came round to create a proper screenshot set of Amarok 1.4. Well, the truth is I never intended to create it my own (read: I actually wanted to save my precious splendour for 2.0), but since none managed to create them in (guess) half a year... I kind of did it myself.

You can find the new screenshots on our beloved There are only 7 of them, because (personal opinion) it doesn't make any sense to create a screenshot of every feature (beside that this is almost impossible) no one will browse through tons of screenshots if he/she can as well go straight ahead and try it.

Therfore the main purpose of a screenshot should be to give a very raw idea of the application and how it looks like. For feature presentation we can as well use text, can't we? :P

Anyway, I wander off the point... so new screenshots are online, feedback is very welcome.
Also I recently started to port our release script to cmake and also made it pretty generic (so it technically can be used by any extragear/playground application). The totally out-of-date release spec also got some love, not yet finished, but it's going to give l10n a lot more time and refine the description of alpha, beta and rc releases.