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FrOSCon - I didn't eat a lot (part2)

Past FrOSCon = before FrOSCon

May I present to you: Mamarok (aka Myriam Schweingruber - on the photo talking with Amarok's upcoming community manager, Lydia).
On travel Monday a waiter in cologne supposed she might be the Mother of Sven, Dennis, Florian, Mark, Lydia and me -> i.e. Mamarok ;-)

Welcome to the family!

Photos are up, everyone is home and got enough sleep and I'm not running around with my laptop doing strange things -> FrOSCon 2007 seems to be over :-(
But hey! It was a freaking awesome, Kubuntu and Amarok were able to once again get in contact with users. Amarok showed off his wicked minded community structure. I came to think about a new design for rbot's bar plugin written in ruby, Amarok's very own markey wasted some bandaging material, Sven got yet another thing to talk about (drinking beer @ FrOSCon, not FrOSCon itself ;-), Kubuntu booth manager Thomas and I personally met... finally... and I was once again able to show that I can be the most busy person at an event with busy people all over the place :-P

Seriously though, we had a lot of fun, a lot of beer, a lot of (considerable) good music, a lot of dancing and a lot of good catering. As I said before FrOSCon: "this is going to be the best event this year" ... and it was.

Talking about events. We also came to discuss about the Amarok2 release party, and since I'm still megalomaniac, let me tell you: considering the financial part is working out, this is going to be the best release party this planet has ever seen. Actually, I have to say release parties, because we are doing 2 events, and both are going to rok in their very own ways.

It's pretty obvious, that those are not going to become such official, tie thingy events, since Valerie pointed out, that we know how to party (I always tell everyone, just none believes me ;-). Anyway, I don't want to tell you too much, but my ideas include live music, live releasing and the best locations we can offer for those 2 events.