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Froscon... Kubuntu + KDE + Amarok = krusade

On Saturday Froscon, the Free and Open Source Software Conference in St. Augustin, Germany, finally starts. (head over to the website for more information)

Very important nerds (V.I.N's) of even more important K divisions (KDE, Kubuntu and Amarok) are attending, I've been told that 8 Amaroks (including the project founder and the project manager ;-) are attending, also delegated 7 people (including their very own packaging team) and the mother of all K projects, KDE, is going to push everyone in one Korner ;-)... to create the highest accumulation of force in the whole universe (at least for 2 days).

In fact we even have our own little talk schedule for the very own KDE developers and contributors room.

Amarok is showing off latest Amarok2 snapshots, and also got a surprise for visitors with an USB stick. On Sunday, project founder Mark Kretschmann, (so-called :-P) community manager Lydia Pintscher and me are going to talk about successful project management, 14:00. is providing instant support for Kubuntu at the booth as well as showing off some of Kubuntu's fine features. On Sunday, member Marcus Czeslinski, Ubuntu women member Lydia Pintscher and me are going to talk about the german Kubuntu community in past, present and future, 16:00.

KDE is going to perfect everything with KDE4 snapshots (oh it's gorgeous!!!! :D. On Saturday, KDE's very own Sebastian Kügler is going to do exactly the same in his talk about KDE4 (it's totally worth visiting, better than the Simpsons movie ;-) 16:30. On Sunday, Torsten Rahn is talking about the 'more than a virtual Desktop Globe' virtual Desktop Globe, Marble, 13:00 ... who's going to join me founding the marble fan club? ;-)

Well, I ran out of buzz words, so let me just say: FrOSCon is totally worth a visit for users as well as developers, the talks related to KDE are of course very interesting and a visit in the Korner is probably going to unveil new bleeding edge technologies :)

See you @ FrOSCon 2007