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Five Years of Amarok; Git Script

An important anniversary went unnoticed last month - Amarok turned 5. According to main.cpp Amarok was created on "Mit Okt 23 14:35:18 CEST 2002". At least we were celebrating Roktober anyways. :-)

Importing Amarok into Git has several advantages. `git grep` is the recent favorite. I've always been a big fan of `git log`. So in celebration of Amarok's birthday, I just finished writing up a little Ruby script that uses git log output to create a CSV file which I made a graph out of below. Apparently Amarok wasn't under version control, or at least not KDE's, until about Sept. 2003. Code here.

The top graph shows the number of line adds + number of line deletes; the bottom shows the total number of commits. You can see when the Amarok 2 branch was opened pretty clearly on both. It doesn't show what's been going on in any of the branches, notably the stable 1.4 branch that opened up at the same time Amarok 2 did.
Amarok Lines Changed and Commits

What to make these graphs look more impressive? We're always looking for fresh developer talent. Join us in #amarok on and/or e-mail us with your patches or if you need help getting started. Amarok is heavily IRC-based, but e-mail is the best way to reach all of us.

Update: now it produces SVG graphs with SVG::Graph, its basically a copy and paste job from SVG::Graph's API. I updated the code link; it still makes a CSV as well. The nifty looking SVG output.