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Hug the beasties! and Kubuntu tutorials day

Amarok bugs, here we come again! We are going to have a bugday with the KDE BugSquad on Sunday. The goal is to clean up a little and close a lot of bugs for Amarok 1. If you ever wanted to contribute to Amarok or KDE in general this is the right time to start. Join us in #kde-bugs. We will start at 0:00 UTC and go on all Sunday in all time zones. Members of KDE BugSquad and Amarokers will be around to answer your questions and help. All you need is a working Amarok and preferably Amarok 2.

Team Amarok on Twitter

With all the hype around Twitter currently, I'd like to let you know that the Amarok team is of course also tweeting happily (and has been doing so before you have even heard of Twitter :p)

Feel free to follow us:

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Ian Monroe


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