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Dragon Player 2.0 Alpha 1 released

First off, I've graduated Truman State University with a Computer Science major. Hooray! It's been a good 4.5 years, I would do it again. :-)

So I've decided to rename Codeine/Video Player to Dragon Player. Its named in honor of KDE's mascot Konqui of course. I've always been a fan, I requested and received a Konqui shirt back when I was in 11th grade for my birthday (which is 3 or 4 years before I started coding for KDE).

Sad news

Just read that Terry Pratchett has a rare early onset Alzheimer's. As he points out he ain't dead yet, but its still sad to think about the decade or two or three of books that now won't be written (assuming he doesn't pull a Stephen Hawkins).

In Pratchettian style he notes that frequently people want to help in such situations, but he'd only accept offers from "very high-end experts in brain chemistry." channel party

What a weekend :p

Some Amarokers (apachelogger, Mamarok, markey, sven423, basti, Sput and me) came together in Karlsruhe (the Amarok HQ to be ;-)). We had a great time partying, talking and chilling.

Friday evening we started with a visit to the Christmas market including some delicious mulled wine and ended with cheese fondue by Mamarok and dancing to good music.


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