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Name: Bart Cerneels
Alias: Stecchino
Roles: Developer
YOB: 1982
Location: Belgium
Languages: English, Dutch
Interests: Free and Opensource Software, KDE, recumbent bikes and other geeky stuff.
Name: Edward Toroshchin
Alias: dr_lepper
Roles: Developer, User support
YOB: 1988
Location: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Languages: English, Russian
Interests: Technology, Open Source Software
Favorite Distros: Gentoo Linux
Name: Matěj Laitl
Alias: strohel
Roles: Developer, release manager, user support
YOB: 1987
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Languages: English, French, Czech
Favourite Genres: nu-jazz, bossa, electronica, soul, indie
Favorite Distros: Gentoo
Name: Myriam Schweingruber
Alias: Mamarok
Roles: Quality Assurance, Bug Triaging, Documentation, User support
YOB: 1959
Location: Ulm, Germany
Languages: Swiss German, French, German, English, Italian
Interests: Computing, Cats, Music, Books, Knitting and a lot more
Favorite Distros: Kubuntu
Also works on: KDE in general, KDE Quality Team, KDE Bugsquad, Kubuntu, FSFE
Name: Ralf Engels
Alias: rengels
Roles: Developer
YOB: 1973
Location: Stuttgart Area Germany
Languages: English, German
Interests: Programming, electronics, models
Favorite Distros: Kubuntu
Name: Sam Lade
Alias: Sentynel
Roles: Development, user support, and maintainer for the moodbar and components
YOB: 1990
Location: UK
Languages: English
Interests: music, coding, books and video games
Favorite Distros: Kubuntu
Name: Sven Krohlas
Alias: krohlas
Roles: Developer
YOB: 1975
Location: Germany
Languages: German, English, Swedish, French
Interests: KDE, Coding, computing, music
Name: Teo Mrnjavac
Alias: teo-
Roles: Developer, former GSoC participant
YOB: 1987
Location: Trieste, Italy
Languages: English, Italian, Croatian
Name: Valorie Zimmerman
Alias: valorie
Roles: KDE Community Working Group; writer and promo for Amarok
YOB: 1953
Location: Black Diamond, Washington USA
Languages: English
Interests: Music, art, literature, writing, family, community, social justice
Favorite Distros: Kubuntu
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