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Free Injections

The Amarok project is very proud to offer you free (as in free beer) injections ... into your Kubuntu DPKG.

Everything started with:
apachelogger: if your still here, is it possible to uninstall amarok without uninstall kubuntu-desktop?
eean: why would you uninstall amarok?
really? :/
switching to svn
I can produce a fake package if you want to

And ended with inject.rb .. now as a packager I'd say WTF... this is total bullshit and dangerous as hell ... on the other hand, DPKG doesn't offer any possability to tell it that a certain package is installed from source. Anyway, it's a nice Ruby hack.

  • One starts the script with ruby inject.rb APP VERSION (e.g. ruby inject.rb amarok feisty)
  • now the script creats some dirs and generic debian build files
  • finally it runs some debhelper scripts to create the actual package, which includes nothing more than nothing
  • in the end it cleans up and installs the package

Really, I have to repeat: don't use this script if you don't have a really good reason for doing so, and you most probably should also know what you're doing