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One might have noticed, that I'm currently quite active in kubuntu-devel, at least compared to 2 weeks before. This is because I'm right now as motivated as never seen before, to get Kubuntu in best shape possible, and this by all means.

Fact is, by ensuring Kubuntu is the most proper Distro it's easier to promote it, and therfore to promote KDE and the default Kubuntu apps (i.e. Amarok). So I'm currently busy packaging every more or less usable application on When Gutsy enters freeze, I'll try to get some bugs sorted, assure quality and have a look at the translations....

So Gutsy will hopefully kick everyone's ass ;-)

In Amarok news Lydia and I thought about promoting Amarok @ FrosCon (kind of smaller LinuxTag thing in Germany), so we will have to get in contact with KDE and Kubuntu-de about coordination (I also need a money supply for the flight ;-). The good thing is: markey has to come as well, as it's not really far away from $HOME.

Hm, while writing "flight", I had to think of "filelight" ... which finally entered Gutsy in version 1.0!!!! Still we need to sort the debian <-> ubuntu breakage issue.

Anyway, this morning I did the fastest fix quickie in my whole life. 30 seconds including error evaluation, file opening, reuploading and testing .... all that just before I went off for school, but now searching the Amarok wiki works again ^_°