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Donate to Roktober - and Own a Piece of Amarok History!

Over the past 10 years we've gathered a bunch of memorable items relating to Amarok. We're planning to auction some great Amarok memorabilia to the highest bidder starting Thursday the 18th of October. As part of our Roktober fundraising campaign, all proceeds (less shipping costs) will go to support the roadmap towards Amarok 3.

The Roktober auctions will close on the 28th; we'll do our best to send the items to the winners before Roktober is over. If your bid doesn't win: don't despair! You can still donate the amount of your losing bid to our Roktober fundraising campaign. And, if your donation is greater than $50 USD, we will send you a limited edition Black Amarok T-shirt (limited to the first 30 donors). You usually can't get one of these unless you see us at FOSDEM, so that's quite a treat.

The auction will be administered by Software Freedom Conservancy, Amarok's non-profit corporate home, and hosted by eBay Works in conjunction with MissionFish, a non-profit organization affiliated with eBay Works. MissionFish and eBay have certified Conservancy's non-profit status, so we can conduct the auction without incurring any transaction fees - which means that more of the money collected can go towards developing Amarok 3.

Read on to find out what amazing items we've got waiting for a generous donor!

Mark's 3.5" floppy disk with MyPlayer

floppy disk with MyPlayer backup

Before being called amaroK, Mark called it "MyPlayer". This is a very unique piece of storage containing the first known backup of Amarok's early code, long before it was released to the public.

This version is very basic. Back at the time, Mark had never expected the project to become so successful - The power of Open Source made it possible. Still, one can see the core UI ideas that became a trademark of Amarok. Today, it is interesting to look back at the humble beginnings of this media player. Not only has it created friendships, all across the world, but it also created careers for many of our contributors.

Bid for this on eBay.

Bart's iRiver iHP-140 hard-disk MP3 player

iRiver iHP-140

Used to record and still containing the very first discussion about Amarok 2 during the K3M meeting in The Netherlands in 2006.
This player contains another piece of history: Rockbox version CVS-060510!. This player is 100% free-software and still fully functional!

The hardware has a quite some wear-and-tear (the metal used to be black until the paint came off completely) but is still fully functional and up to recently still served as a jam session recorder for a female fronted metal band. If you're interested, some recordings are still on there and you can follow the singer on soundcloud.

Bid for this on eBay.

developers discussing Amarok 2 architecture

Exclusive Amarok T-Shirts

As demonstrated by our lovely models Leinir, Chris and Mike (our event mascot), these shirts are suited for any occasions, as long as it includes promoting Amarok
They are not available anywhere online but could only be picked up at at our booth during one of the events we attended. So even if your bid doesn't win one of the items above, you still have the rare opportunity to get one of these t-shirts - along with Amarok's eternal gratitude.

Amarok T-Shirts worn by developers


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