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Amarok 1.4.6 Released

Your very own Amarok team announces the immediate availability of the latest 1.4 series release, 1.4.6.
So, what's new?

  • Funky new icon set, featuring KDE4 Oxygen colors by Landy DeField; for 2.0 he will be working to ensure that Amarok has a complete Oxygen icon set.
  • Default database backend is a lot faster due to a new SQLite version.
  • A gigantic load of bug fixes, the main focus of this release.
  • Introducing rockbox support for iPod.
  • Performance tuning.
  • More wockas per square inch.
  • A miracle in software engineering - we added less people to an early software project and made it later, disproving the Mythical Man-Month.
  • Packaged with FUKITOL.

In preparation for 2.0 we have a user survey - let your voice be heard.

Didn't make it out to Berlin for LinuxTag this year? No worries! Video recordings of the talk and workshop are available and a photo log of the Amarok invasion has been posted.

Next week the annual KDE conference "aKademy" in Glasgow is starting, keep an eye on the developer blogs to follow the happenings there. Thanks to your continued donations and support from KDE e.V, 7 Amarok developers will be present at aKademy. They are looking forward to a very productive week hacking on exciting new Amarok features.

The full technical ChangeLog follows.

Version 1.4.6


  • Improved icon theme, kindly provided by Landy DeField <>. Big thanks!
  • Playlist now sends notifications to scripts if items are added, removed, reordered, or if the playlist is cleared.Useful for script authors. Thanks to Miguel Angel Alvarez <> for the patch.
  • iPod device plugin now handles RockBox devices.Thanks to Michael Buesch <> for the patch.
  • Organising files will only delete empty parent folders if the folder is within the collection hierarchy. (BR 136757)
  • The default cover image preview size has been increased to 130px.
  • The "hide menubar" option has been removed. It's too dangerous and led to countless support requests.
  • Generic media device can now handle any KIO-compatible URL, including obex and smb. Manage your bluetooth phone's music collection through Amarok!
  • Upgraded SQLite to 3.3.17.
  • Append an album to the playlist by right-clicking on it from within the Cover Manager.Patch by Doug Reich <>.
  • Faster playlist handling. Patch by Ovy <>. (BR 142255)
  • The moodbar process has been given a higher priority. (BR 136867)
  • Allow for lyrics scripts to specifiy site, site_url, and add_url from within the script. This will allow for "meta lyrics" scripts. Patch by Sergio Pistone <>. (BR 141885)
  • First rating star now lets you toggle between no rating, half a star, and one full star.


  • Uninstalling scripts would in some cases leave files behind. Patch by Sergio Pistone <>. (BR 143716)
  • "Custom Station" stream works again. (BR 146020)
  • Fix regression where the "Show Script Manager" button displayed on the Lyrics tab of the Context Browser wouldn't actually show the Script Manager.
  • Don't show ratings from the previous track's rating change in the OSD on playing the next track.
  • The config dialog is now less tall and fits on widescreen displays.
  • Making a dynamic playlist with the number of previously played tracks to show set to zero and attempting to play the first track would cause a crash. (BR 145157)
  • If "Stop after current track" was used, the last track would not be counted or rated in the user's statistics. (BR 140980)
  • Generic media device wouldn't allow you to drop a folder on the viewport, meaning you couldn't move subfolders to the top level of the mount point.
  • Made the settings dialog less tall. (BR 141250)
  • Star ratings now update instantly in the Context Browser, OSD, and Collection Browser.
  • lyrc script did not work behind proxy due to a stray quote mark. Gentoo Bug 166050.
  • Fix compilation on kde-3.3 systems.
  • now uses popen correctly. Patch by Luke Macken <>. (BR 127804)
  • Make amarok_proxy.rb use HTTP/1.0 as we don't support chunked responses. Patch by solsTiCE <>. (BR 141819)
  • Fix Quadratic loading in Playlists. Patch by Ovy <>. (BR 142255)
  • Correctly set iPod model. Patch by ?smail Dönmez <>.
  • Fix detection of vfat devices on FreeBSD. (BR 141614)
  • Right-click on volume slider would change the volume. (BR 141672)