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Accepted Projects - Web Services and Playlist Redesign

In this year's Google Summer of Code KDE received 40 projects - 15 more then last year.

Amarok itself has only two projects, but they are both quite useful at this critical phase of Amarok 2.0 development.

The accepted projects are <drum roll>:

  • Leo Franchi - Web Services Integration. Amarok's integration with Wikipedia, and lyric fetching comprise some of its most unique features. This summer when Leo isn't relaxing on a beautiful Italian beach, he will be integrating these features into Amarok 2.0 and allowing new services (such as guitar tabs) to be easily added.
  • Ian Monroe - Playlist Redesign. Ian will be implementing the overhaul of the playlist both in its appearance and its backend code. And wishing he was in Italy rather then Missouri. (Missouri loves company. HAHA.)

Thanks to everyone who submitted! If your a student, start thinking of what project you would like to submit for next year.