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Need a post-commit Review Board

I actually got Review Board running on our Amarok server (only for the local host) just to try it out and see what it was. Turns out I should've just read the documentation first. :-) It clearly states its for reviewing before commits are made, which makes it next to worthless for Amarok development.

A bootable livecd XDMCP client Linux Distro?

At work there's a computer with a bad hard drive. There's also a blazing fast Linux server. The easy solution should be to just boot up a livecd that gives the list of local XDMCP servers. Despite this easy demand, I haven't yet found one. I tried Thinstation, it seems to be a bit more powerful then I want. I really don't want to find out and pick which hardware to put on the ISO, that seems so Linux-from-the-90s (though maybe is needed for some really thin clients, I don't know). One of the prebuilt ISO's hangs on loading X.


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