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Project Neon - KDE Nightly Builds's that time again, when I announce something new, which isn't new at all due to testing ;-)

Since amarok-nightly is a huge success ....

Project Neon now also includes kde-nightly builds for Kubuntu!

Currently available are kdebase, kdemultimedia, kdegraphics, kdenetwork and kdesdk

Now my dear Kubuntu users, you can: develop, debug, fix, test, promote and break your system :-P
Have fun, and in case something goes wrong: blame KRF in #amarok.neon.

  • Thanks to everyone who helped testing kde-nightly!
  • As seen above, Neon now has a shiny IRC channel - YAY \o/
  • amarok-nightly for openSUSE is undergoing testing, if you want to join the fun -> #amarok.neon
  • I am now member in the elite Oxygen Club -> Video
  • Because I got loads of stuff to do this post is quite short ;-)