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READ ME - P A R T Y!!!!

It's that time of April again, Ubuntu/Kubuntu released the all new shiny versions of their distributions. This time the releaes is called Hardy Heron *woohooo*

So, what do we do when a new version is out?
Right, party!
Join the Halligalli Hummel Party(tm) in #kubuntu-devel and celebrate the latest Kubuntu release with us on 24-04-2008 @ 16UTC. Of course as party guest you should use the official party wallpaper -> this svg or png

Make sure not to miss the grand party kickoff!
We also have our own bar and a radio show, sponsored by Amarok, (maybe ;-))

In case you just want to have some information about the release, head over to

Finally: spread the word by bloging, twittering, talking, giving calls etc