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A bootable livecd XDMCP client Linux Distro?

At work there's a computer with a bad hard drive. There's also a blazing fast Linux server. The easy solution should be to just boot up a livecd that gives the list of local XDMCP servers. Despite this easy demand, I haven't yet found one. I tried Thinstation, it seems to be a bit more powerful then I want. I really don't want to find out and pick which hardware to put on the ISO, that seems so Linux-from-the-90s (though maybe is needed for some really thin clients, I don't know). One of the prebuilt ISO's hangs on loading X.

I was able to use a Ubuntu disc that was laying around, that however loads the desktop before GDM (where the menu option to the XDMCP list is). Too much of a hassle for something that has to be done every time the computer boots. Every LiveCD distro I've every used loads a desktop on boot, instead of KDM or GDM. Someone in #knoppix actually pointed out that Knoppix has a "press a button" easy setup for running a network-boot server. Which is neat, but not at all what I need. :-)

Does anyone know of a livecd that perhaps has a boot time option to load a XDMCP broadcast client? Preferably one of the "just works" livecd's like Kubuntu or Kanotix or something of that sort.