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SNAFU .*[k\w\W].*[24]

-(~:$)-> wtf snafu
SNAFU: situation normal, all fucked up
Tomorrow it's one week of KDE 4. Well, just yet another week, with no more than 5 hours sleep per day, heavy thinking and a couple of new stress balls.

Probably none notice that I didn't blog about KDE 4, I can't even blame you, everyone else did, so I don't matter (even less then usual :-P)

But I have the best excuse ever: "It's all Kubuntu's fault!"
After I installed the Kubuntu packages of KDE 4.0.0, I was considerable surprised, that the icons were totally screwed, new applications like dolphin and systemsettings didn't have one at all and some others (like) Konqueror, were using the old version. Everyone who knows me, pretty much gets were that led to -> me trying to fix it, but breaking even more instead. I dugg in and didn't precisely get out since Friday, icon fixes are still not finished, but instead I have introduced new build rules and backported fixes and styling improvements, created some concepts on how to improve the status of KDE 3 + KDE 4 coexisting ...

May I say: I hate when this happens! :-@

Anyway, I think 4.0.1 is going to be one useable desktop (at least when you got a KDE3Pim ;-).
The direction is right, KDE 4 just needs more love.

As for Amarok: something really cool is coming up, although my new wrapper script for releases is br0ken ;-)