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LinuxDay in Dornbirn, Austria

What an event (awwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooo!!!!). Friday I filled my bag with some clothes my laptop and a bunch of drugs (aka business cards). I didn't know much about LinuxDay, though what I knew was very promising.... and it totally messured up to my expectations.

LinuxDay is really not one of the biggest FLOSS events in central Europe, still it is one of the best. A bunch of nice nerds (not too many though - should definitely be improved) from time to time a visitor ;-) and one of the finest organisation team.

Saturday 9am my granpa and me fetched an emonkey (Carlos Diener,, at the train station and some minutes later we were already preparing our booth. As usual I was kinda unprepared for the upcoming talk @1pm (though unlike the other times I wasn't either drunk, nor did I have a hung-over, nor did I not get enough sleep, which turned out to have negative effect on my creativity). Anyway, the talk didn't scare people away (which is quite surprising to me), we had good entertainment and got plenty of food, especially "Kääääspätzle" (no idea how to translate that... something with cheese) for dinner. So much about the loosing weight plan.

LinuxDay now resides along with FrOSCon as the finest FLOSS events I attended so far. Next Year I'll take the horde with me to decrease productivity.