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collaboration to the core ++ OpenID

Hi Planet Ubuntu :D

My name is Harald Sitter (aka apachelogger), yesterday I finally became Kubuntu/Ubuntu member, so here I am, intorducing myself.
[Riddell] congratulations apachelogger, welcome to kubuntu and ubuntu membership
More of this boring stuff about me is to be read on my wiki page and the meeting minutes.

.....Since I'm Amarok's wiki dude (among other things ... election for project manager scheduled :-P) I recently started to move our wiki's to OpenID, and I actually can say: we have a working version going.

While we did the configuration we had to face one really important question -> What to do with the exsisting users? -> this is especially important considering we want to move the public Amarok wiki as soon as possible to OpenID. Ian and I finally came to the decision to run a dual login (at least for the first half year or something).
This way users can still use the password logins, but can't create new ones. In other words: "old" users should convert to OpenID at some point, new ones will have to get an OpenID.

I came up with AmarokLogin, a MediaWiki extension combining the default login with the OpenID one (see screenshot). The code is still far away from perfect and at the current point I wouldn't even think about releasing it to the public (would be hell embarrassing ;-), basically one can consider it as a basic hack, however it is completely functional.

To sum it up....
Status: work in progress... Public Release: no idea... Aim: bring OpenID love to our beloved contributors :D