You are here goes OpenID

So finally I got ultimately annoyed by the fact, that I have to keep 4 logins to access the Amarok web infrastructure. ITS THE SUCK!

I finally started to OpenIDify the website(s), and since Mark pointed out that I'm the wiki guy, I started with mediawiki ;-). As Professor Farnsworth will use to say "Good news everyone!" --> it's working.

Yesterday I setup a mediawiki for testing, and with the somewhat new extension I got to a proper result within no time. See the screencast. As soon as I can reach our admin I'll move the Rokymotion wiki to OpenID. After testing and polishing, I hopefully also was able to move either Drupal or SMF to OpenID, so that I finally can move most of the websites to OpenID.... especially meaningful for the wikis since we got 2 of them (a dirty one and a polished end-user one)

Anyway, next on the TODO is Drupal, it looks like getting OpenID to work with it might not be a big problem, since current trunk actually already includes OpenID by default, so I hope it's a save bet for 5.x as well. if KDE would switch to OpenID... ;-)